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Three Woman different skin Tone
Three Woman different skin Tone

Powerfully enhancing skin’s essential protective function for all skin tones and types

Co-founders MINU

Born from passion, built by experts

Driven by their mission to protect what’s essential - our skin, our well-being and our planet- co-founders Adam Guggenheim and Christine Koppinger lead a team with decades of expertise creating industry-defining skincare.

Guided by dermatological expertise

90% of skin damage and aging is caused by everyday sunlight. That’s why we take a preventative, wellness approach, where exceptional daily sun protection is at our core.

Sunscreen for all skin tones
Bottle of Minu Brightening Sunscreen with Minerals

Our formulation commitment

We set the strictest global standards in efficacy, safety, and sustainability. We do not compromise. Expertly and artfully crafting incredibly effective mineral-based formulas that look and feel even more incredible to use.